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A preliminary program for NACCL-25 (as of June 16, 2013) can be found here. Information on participants and papers can also be found below. Please let us know whether you have questions or see any errors by emailing to:

BITTNER, Maria Rutgers University TBA
Carden, Kelly University of Iowa A comparison of mid and low vowel alternations in   Mandarin
CHAN, Marjorie (陈洁雯) The Ohio State University TBA
Chen , Zhe University of Wisconsin-Madison The distribution of de inside VP: a nominal   solution to a verbal puzzle
Chen, Aishu;  Jiang-King, Ping The Chinese University of Hong Kong Tone sandhi in Fuzhou VO phrase
Chen, Litong The Ohio State University Character frequency and rhyme occurrence   correlation in Yue-ou
Chen, Yuan-Lu University of Arizona On Mandarin Intensifier Hao
Cheng, Siu Pong The Chinese University of Hong Kong From Two e’s in Taiwanese to Two ge’s in Cantonese
Choo, Yuen Nanyang Technological University Constraints on the Interference of the Modern   Southern Chinese Dialects in Singapore Mandarin
Chou, Chao-Ting University of Michigan The Correlation of Phi-features on T and the Timing   of T-to-C Raising
Chuang, Ching-ting National Tsing Hua University Two eryis are better than one
Chuang, Ching-ting;  Chang, Yueh-chin;  Hsieh, Feng-fan National Tsing Hua University When sound change meets tonal coarticulation: A   case study of Penang Hokkien
COBLIN, W. South (柯蔚南), University of Iowa TBA
Dai, Yaojing Fudan University 汉语的否定句和“否定常数”
DONG, Yinghong (董颖红), Minzu University of China The Competence Between Evolution and anti-Evolution   of the Word Lengths in Old Chinese
Erlewine, Michael Yoshitaka Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sentence-Final Particles at the vP phase edge
Fernández-Salgueiro, Gerardo National Taiwan Normal University Verb movement in Chinese: A-not-A questions,   affirmative answers, and PF phenomena
Grano, Thomas University of Maryland Aspect out of control and the finite/nonfinite   distinction in Mandarin
HSIAO, YUCHAU National Chengchi University Violable phonotactics in syllable contraction: a   corpus-based study
Hu, Shenai;  Gavarró, Anna Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Resumption as an option in Mandarin relative   clauses
HUANG, Chu-Fang;  CHENG, Chin-Chuan National Central University;    National Taiwan Normal University 臺灣海陸客家話的地域變體
Huang, Ho-Hsin;  Lin, Yen-Hwei MSU To Geminate or not to Geminate: The Case of Nasals   in Standard Mandarin Loanwords
Jiang, Bingbing East China Normal University On Social Integration of the Language System of   Immigration City:Taking   Shanghai as an Example
JIANG, Di (江荻), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences The Competence Between Evolution and anti-Evolution   of the Word Lengths in Old Chinese
Jin, Wenhua Kennesaw State University Acquisition of Chinese Relative Clauses by English   Speaking Learners
Kim, Sun-A The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Working Memory in Learning to Read Chinese
Lam, Zoe Wai-man University of British Columbia A complex ForceP for speaker- and   addressee-oriented discourse particles
Lee, Hui-chi  National Cheng Kung University The Modal System in Hainan Min
Lee, John;  Kong, Yin Hei City University of Hong Kong A Corpus Study on Syntactic Parallelism in   Classical Chinese Poetry
Lei, Margaret Ka-yan;  Lee, Thomas Hun-tak Chinese University of Hong Kong Scope interpretation of the dative construction by   adult Mandarin speakers
Li, Haoze The Chinese University of Hong Kong Exhaustivity of sentences with focus particle shi
Lin, Jo-Wang National Chiao Tung University Bare Conditionals and the Novelty Condition
LIN, Yen-Hwei (林燕慧), Michigan State University TBA
Lin, Yen-Ting SUNY at Buffalo The Positional Variation of the Prepositional   Phrases in Taiwanese Southern Min: a Corpus study
Lin, Yu-Jung;  Yang, Chung-Lin;  Lin, Chien-Jer Charles Indiana University Syllable perception and the effect of phonetic   orthography in Mandarin Chinese
Liu, Chen-Sheng National Chiao Tung University Amount Classifiers in Chinese and the Part-related   Reading
Liu, Feng-hsi;  Wang, Zhijun University of Arizona;    University of Massachusetts Amherst Structure or Meaning? L2 acquisition of the Chinese   Topic-Comment Structure
Liu, Haiyong Wayne State University Constraints on distributivity and predicate type of   Mandarin inalienable possession
Liu, Te-hsin;  Lin, Chun-fang;  Wang, Kuan-ting National Taiwan University On the Interaction between L1 Transfer and   Universal Constraints – Evidence from the Acquisition of Mandarin tones
LIU, Zhaojing;  CHAN, Angel Wing-shan The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Noun-Modifying Constructions in Child Mandarin:   Headless vs. Headed and Subject vs. Object Preferen
MAEDA, Yasunori (前田, 恭规) University of Tokyo 无标记完成体结构的意义功能与其形成的动因
NOHARA, Masaki University of Tokyo 試論上古音書母―以戰國出土文獻爲研究對象―
Opper, Michael;  Sugar, Alexander University of Michigan;    University of Washington Truncation and headedness in Chinese compounding: a   dictionary-based study
Ouyang, Iris Chuoying University of Southern California Segments do not determine syllable perception:   Tones and speech rate matter
Paek, Eun Hee Inha University ‘数词+量词+名词’结构的产生机制
PAN, Wuyun (潘悟云), Shanghai Normal University 东亚语言的音节结构
Qi, Feng Chinese Academy of Social Sciences The Essence and Laws of Sentence Stress in Modern   Chinese
QIAN, YOUYONG University of Wisconsin-Madison Reexamining the Origin of /l/ Coda in Sino-Korean
SAGART, Laurent (沙加尔), Centre de Recherches Linguistiques sur l’Asie   Orientale, Paris Velar preinitials in the Chinese loanwords ‘paper’ and ‘bandit’ in Vietic and Lakkia
Shaw, Jason University of Western Australia Vowel identity conditions the time course of tone   recognition
SHI, XINYUAN;  JIANG-KING, PING THE CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG A prosodic account of tone sandhi in Suzhou Chinese
Shih, Li-jen Michigan State University The adaptation of English vowel-nasal-vowel   sequences into Mandarin and its implication
Simmons, Richard Rutgers University The Dōngběi varieties of Mandarin in northeast   China: a preliminary history and classification
TAI, James H.-Y. (戴浩一), National Chung Cheng University TBA
Tan, Yutian The Ohio State University A Comparative Study of the Lateral Fricative [ɬ]   Across Three Yue Varieties
Teo, Ming Chew Stanford University How language use constrains semantic change: a case   study of Singapore Southern Min loanword balu
Tsai, Hsin-shan;  Liu, Meichun National Chiao Tung University Specifying Path in Mandarin Motion Events―A Study   of Route Markers
Tsai, Hui-Chin National Chengchi University Non-restrictive Relative Clauses in Chinese
Tsang, Wai Lan The University of Hong Kong The L2 acquisition of Chinese sentence final   particles (SFP): How distinct are SFP-language learners
Tse, Keith Oxford University The grammaticalization of Chinese ba:   grammaticalization, ‘lateral’ grammaticalization & case theory
Tsui, Tsz-Him The Ohio State University Psychoacoustic similarity in Mandopop rhymes
Tsui, Tsz-Him; Chen, Litong The Ohio State University A new quantitative analysis of the Xiang-Gan-Hakka   relationship
Tung, Tzu-yun National Taiwan Normal University Role of Radical and Phonetic Awareness in Chinese   Character Acquisition and Reading Development
Wang, Hong 香港理工大学 以“偏偏”为代表的语气副词类焦点敏感算子
Wei, Ting-Chi National Kaohsiung Normal University Deletion early in syntax or late at PF
WIEDENHOF, Jeroen   (卫玉龙), Leiden University TBA
Wiener, Seth, Ito, Kiwako The Ohio State University Dialect‐specific use of tonal probability in Mandarin word recognition
Wong, Cheuk Lam Cherie The Chinese University of Hong Kong The Syntax of Predicative Particles in Cantonese: A   Study of baa2laa1
Wong, Ling Yann; Yong, Mei   Fung University Putra Malaysia 從語言接觸引發的演變探討馬來峇峇語的漢語借詞的形態變化
WONG, Wun Yu The Chinese University of Hong Kong 惠陽淡水客家話「開」與「開子」之研究
WU, YAYUN National University of Singapore A survey on the function judgment of Mandarin   Chinese classifiers(汉语母语者对个体量词功能的理解)
Xiang, Ming;  Cui, Yanling;  Wang, Suiping University of Chicago Interference in Covert Dependencies

Xie, Zhiguo The Ohio State University The yú-comparative construction in Chinese: Case   assignment and evaluativity
Xu, Jun University of Wisconsin Madison Ba in dispreferred responses
Xu, Yi University of Pittsburgh stative predication in shi…de constructions
Xu, Zheng National University of Singapore A Construction Morphology account of Chinese [A N]   and [N N]
YAHANASHI, Akifumi Kyoto Sangyo University 《英語集全》的基礎方言是否就是中山方言 ?
Yang, Han-chieh;  Wan, I-Ping National Chengchi University Tone Acquisition in Taiwan Mandarin: An analysis of   children’s production of disyllabic words
Yang, Jing;  Fox, Robert The Ohio State University Acoustic properties of vowel production in native   Mandarin children and adults
YANG, Wenchun; CHAN, Wing   Shan Angel The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Bilingual Children’s Comprehension of Relative   Clauses in Mandarin and Dong
YANG, YUAN-CHEN JENNY   Pro-drop and Information Structure in Mandarin   Chinese
Yao, Yao;  Lin, Jingxia;  Huang, Chu-Ren Hong Kong Polytechnic University;  Nanyang Technological University,   Singapore;  Hong Kong Polytechnic   University Lexicalized emotion? – Tonal patterns of emotion   words in Chinese
YU, Alan (余梓麟), University of Chicago TBA
Yu, Xinyue Université de Paris Diderot An experimental study on dative variation in   Mandarin Chinese
Zhan, Weidong Peking University & ALC, UCLA 从复合事件语义距离看现代汉语述结式成立条件
Zhao, Pusong (趙璞嵩) The Chinese University of Hong Kong Prosodic Contrast between Rhyme Categories ‘Yu’ and ‘Ge’ – A Study Based on the Difference between the First Person Pronouns ‘Wu’ and ‘Wo’
Zhao, Zhiqing Capital University of Economics and Business 对话和叙述中“把”字句的使用情况考察
Zhu, Xiaonong (朱晓农) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology How to represent tone: Introducing a new tonal   model
朱炜;  高天俊;    尉迟明 华中科技大学;  厦门大学;  华中科技大学 《翻譯老朴》右音聲母系統“ᅎᅔᄼᅐᅕᄾ”注音現象分析-基於諺譯《老朴》數據庫 –